How I Work


  I believe in full disclosure and transparency. When working with journalists on behalf of a client, I disclose who I am representing. If I cite an active client in an article published under my byline, I disclose my relationship. My most valuable asset is my reputation and the trust of others.     ��i?�Rb9


  To do my job, sometimes I need limited access to confidential information such as marketing strategies or corporate financial plans. Even if I am not asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement, I maintain confidentiality for all current and former clients.     

Simple Relationships

  Most clients work with me on a long-term, ongoing basis.  My retainer fees are modest and more cost-effective than project or hourly arrangements.  For example, should I have the opportunity to develop and implement a media relations strategy for a client that includes a series of announcements that work together to build awareness and credibility for the client, we will probably be more successful than a one-off news release. However, I do my best to make every assignment successful.