What Others Say

Understands Real Estate

In addition to being a communications consultant, Steve is also the Editor and Co-publisher of Real Estate Economy Watch. His columns appear regularly on Inman News and his clients include the biggest name in the industry, including the National Association of Realtors.    I have had the pleasure of working with Steve since 2011. He has been a regular guest on my RealEstateCoachRadio show providing our listeners with an economic update for the upcoming quarter. He is also my go-to source for what is happening in terms of the economy, demographics, and mortgage trends including the impact these changes will have on brokers and agents. His prognostications from the data are extraordinarily accurate.    If you need someone who has a deep understanding of the real estate market and the economy, how public policy will impact your business, or if you need help communicating more effectively with your client base or the public to generate more business and to navigate through difficult times, Steve is the person to call. He has my highest possible recommendation. 

Bernice Ross, CEO, RealEstateCoach.com, Nationally Syndicated Columnist, Speaker, and Author  

An Invaluable Resource

Steve knows real estate trends, data and sources, and is skilled at translating complex information into stories that anyone can understand. He counsels executives on communication themes that relate to today's real estate trends alongside current events and news. Steve's deep network, forward thinking ideas and communication skills make him an invaluable resource to those he serves.  

Tracey Shell, Vice President, Director of Marketing Communications at Down Payment Resource  

A Public Relations Treasure

I'm honored to call Steve Cook a colleague and know our tenure and partnership in leading the public relations efforts at Move, Inc., will be a highlight of my career. He's a leading industry expert that easily counsels executives at all levels on top line strategy, while effortlessly managing the details that get the job done to perfection. I've watched him successfully adapt classic public relations ideas to the online arena with the flare of a true professional. His deep and rich contacts, combined with his expertise and professionalism position him as a public relations treasure.  

Julie Reynolds, former VP for Public Relations, Mover.com and loahDepot

The Last Word

Steve knows media, marketing and writing. 'nuff said.  

Chuck Dobofrio, Owner, Carton Donofrio and Partners