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Discover the difference that personal service from one of real estate's leading communicators makes.  My reputation for media relations is buit on results



Twenty years of experience working with leading real estate journalists and industry leaders, award-winning public relaitons programs plus years in Congress and broadcast journalism... at your service.



My reputation for effective media relations is built on work-of-mouth; it is only as good as my last project. Clients can expect proactive and effective solutions and a collaborative relationship.  That's one reason many work with me over other consulting firms and use my services for years.


Media Relations From the Top Down

Many clients turn to me for my ability to work with top real estate journalists and my skills at working with news media at all levels.  Experience as a journalist, real estate expertise and commitment to results help me build brands and establish executives as sources with targeted outlets 

Expert Editorial Content for Blogs and Sites

I co-publish and edit Real Estate Economy Watch, a leading source of insight on real estate market trends, and write under my own by-line for Inman News Service, Real Daily , and other sites.  For either ghost-written or by-lined content, call on me to add depth, news value and how-to information to your blog or publication.  

Market and Data Reports from Concept to Coverage

Real estate media is hungry for good data that quantify market trends.  Turning data into news and market reports tracking the latest trends are specialties of mine.  Let me show you how to create economic reports that generate ongoing coverage, bring traffic to your site and position you as an industry leader.  

Surveys that Deliver Your Messages

Real estate organizations sponsor thousands of surveys each year but only a handful make news.  Let me design and implement an affordable survey program that will maximiize results in both traditional and social media.

Guest Articles, Op-eds and Posts

Opportunities abound today for insightful commentary from industry leaders on topical issues.  Let me develop a program to reach your audiences with by-lined commentary.

Crisis Prevention and Crisis Management

Good crisis planning prevents problems from becoming crises.  Should a situation spiral out of control, call on me for crisis support with journalists and other critical audiences.


Mine Your Data for News

National websites aggregate millions of listings from the nation’s multiple services, becoming real-time barometers of the dynamics of local and regional markets and the nation as a whole. MLS data is particularly useful for tracking inventories, an often-overlooked variable in the supply-demand equation.  

Traffic and transactions also create data than can help to educate and inform real estate consumers and professionals.  RealtyTrac. Ellie Mae and Zillow are just three sites that have successfully mined fheir data to create news.  

Working for one of the nation’s largest aggregators, with the help of a statistician and consulting economist, I help create national monthly market reports that focused on inventories and become a useful metric tracking the housing recovery. For another, publicized markets that returned tot heir peak prices,.  These  programs helped to establish awareness and a leadership position for both clients. 

Are you missing opportunities to turn your site's data into news?

Break Through the Clutter

Real estate journalists are inundated with surveys. Few ever get used, especially by top outlets. Many surveys are poorly designed or poorly present. Most do not understand that national outlets like the Associated Press or Wall Street Journal will often use only statistically sound studied conducted by reputable firms.  

A favorite strategy of mine is to create a series of surveys and to repeat several identical questions to identify and quantify trends reporters are covering-like potential buyers buried by student loans or sellers frozen by negative equity. 

I begin developing a survey for a client by thoroughly researching what others have done in the same field. I look for opportunities to “own” an important trend or issues others have not surveyed or taken research conducted by others to the next step. Good surveys get maximum publicity when their survey is handled skillfully. Good pick-up in traditional media makes social media a snap.  

Build Executives’ Profiles Systematically

 Many top executives get sporadic coverage because they don’t have a strategic plan that includes a timeline and a quiver full of weapons that work together to get the executive where he or she wants to go. 

The tools range from guest blogs to appearances on CNBC. Reputations are built over time and each success  is one step closer to the goal.  time.  Executive promotion requires a good plan that raises a profile with each successful tactic. I like to start small, with blog posts and articles, friendly speaking engagements and very strategically placed interviews. You know the program is working when great opportunities contact you rather than the other way around.  

Career Highlights

Consultant and Real Estate Journalist

Volunteer and former board member, National Association of Real Estate Editors.

Editor and Co-publisher of Real Estate Economy Watch, named a Best News Site by NAREE in 2011.

Affiliated with the WAV Group to provide public relations support to leading real estate organizations.

Contributor to Inman News Service and other industry news outlets.

National Association of Realtors

Vice President of Public Affairs and spokesman.

Twice named one of the 100 most influential people in real estate by Inman News Service.

Edelman Worldwide

Executive Vice President and Washington General Manager for one of the top five international public relations firms.

Awarded the highest honor in public relations four times by the Public Relations Society of America.

Created PR-Online, the first on-line service for public relations content.

Congressional Press Secretary

Supervised all communications and advertising for three successful congressional re-election campaigns.

Broadcast Journalist

Capital Correspondent, covered state politics, state government and state-wide features for Wyoming's largest television and radio station.

Provided news coverage to Associated Press, United Press International and KLZ Radio, Denver.

Student Journalist

Editor of the University of Chicago's student newspaper.

Stringer for the Chicago Daily News, Chicago Sun-Times and Newsweek.

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Stephen K Cook Communications Consulting

P.O. Box 4707. Silver Spring, Maryland 20904, United States

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